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Whilst in Amsterdam I made sure to spend one afternoon in the Stedelijk Museum, a museum for modern and contemporary art and design. The gallery is divided into ‘art after 1950’ and ‘art/design before 1960’ (which I was really intrigued by), as well as specialist exhibition spaces which currently host Aernout Mik:’Communitas’, Lucy Mckenzie:’Something They Have To Live With' and Jo Baer:'In The Land of The Giants’, as well as the interactive design exhibition ‘Touch and Tweet’. I was really impressed by the collection and found plenty of famous names and iconic artworks with lesser known works studded between them. The rooms are themed by movement and arranged chronologically, although I accidently walked between the rooms in the opposite direction. My highlights of the visit have to be the Lucy Mckenzie installation, especially the trompe-l’oeul marble reproduction of Adolf Loos’s Villa Müller, and the life-size sculpture tableaux ‘The Beanery’ by Ed Kienholtz which visitors could go inside and experience one person at a time. I was giddy and excited like a child who had just been on a Disneyland ride when I came out, much to my younger sister’s amusement. Looking at the collection online now, I can see the museum own’s a vast collection of paintings, sculpture, video, photography and more, but exhibit only a handful of artworks in each gallery space, some rooms with only two or three works. This made the experience of visiting the museum pleasant and accessible without feeling overwhelming, but with such an impressive collection its a shame not more of it is on display. 

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